When you decide on Andropolis Painting, our guarantee ensures that you don’t make final payment until you agree that the job is well done.

That is our absolute guarantee of satisfaction to you. We care about your home. And, we want to work for you again and again, over the years.

Read the guarantee details here.

“Your expectation is to be delighted with your painting experience,
from color selection to relaxing in your new room.”

                                                             –Tobey Andropolis









I extensively and carefully prepare all surfaces to ensure they are ready to receive paint. I mask woodwork then seal the tape edge to prevent edge bleed.

I cover furnishings, light fixtures and flooring with plastic and heavy canvas, rubber-backed drop cloths. I fix cracks in plaster and holes in drywall then match and blend texture to make the repaired area look new again.

I sand, caulk, spackle, and prime the required surfaces that are to receive paint. All of this attention to detail significantly increases the life of the paint and the quality of the job.
I leave your home neat and clean. That’s what real professional service is.










Perhaps you have a color in mind. But if you don’t, I can help. I offer a  color consultation by a design professional. This $90 consultation covers an in-home session, and our customers tell me it is well worth the investment.

The designer will meet with you and get a feel for your room and for what you want your colors to say about your style.

I’ll match your fabrics, furniture and accessories with the perfect palette for your project.






I Listen

Your vision is important! Before we begin, I help you craft a proposal that includes your customized project and a precise proposal detailing all labor, material, proper insurance and all necessary equipment.

No surprises, no uncertainty.

Just a step-by-step proposal of exactly what you can expect from start to finish.